29 Oct 2012

To Tame The City

Doesn’t matter to which city you move, doesn’t matter if it’s abroad or in your country, it takes time to feel like at home.

In the beginning you have no idea which bus to take to get to the center, where to get your morning coffee, in which park to read your book or from which rooftop you can see the best city view. I must tell it is a bit confusing but most of the time so exciting!

Little by little you get to know the streets, the neighborhood, the people…  You get to know the selling lady in your local boulangerie, the best vegetable market, the best coffee places, the best bars to hang out with your new friends…Little by little you learn how to avoid traffic jams and little presents of the dogs left on the pavement. It starts to be your home with all the pluses and minuses and yet it is like never ending discovery. And that is what I love the most about living in a new city…when you start having this cozy feeling and yet still you learn something new every day. You still get lost in the little streets of the city however the journey becomes much easier!

I love living in my new cityBrussels. I have not tamed it yet, however I hope I will never do…it is so much more exciting this way!

Originally posted on Fans of Flanders


  1. Oh, I like Brussels so much! I've been there only once and I dream to return there. It would be very nice if you write often about this city :)

    1. Yes, there is so much to see in Brussels even if it doesn't look like that from the first sight.

      I'll try to write more about it!