31 May 2012

Brussels Jazz Marathon

As promised one more photo from the Jazz Marathon.

I really liked the design of the logo and wanted you to check it out too!

29 May 2012

Brussels Jazz // Nu Jazz Project // Angela Ricci

What a weekend!

Brussels Jazz Festival was B E A U T I F U L! So many funky places, so many artists and so many good looking people!

I really loved Nu Jazz Project with a super cute singer Angela Ricci! Check out her video here! I told you she is cute!

More pictures from the festival are coming right up!

23 May 2012

Old fashioned goodness

I just love this logo! So old fashioned, so cool, so extra white! Perfect for a hot almost summer day...and I mean the logo and the beer!


20 May 2012

René Magritte

For those who are in Brussels and likes the occasional museum visit, I would recommend the museum of René Magritte. Not too big, not too small...takes perfect amount of time (if you are not wandering around in the other exhibitions)!

I would say it's a wonderful place to make a pause between waffles and beers! 

18 May 2012

Friday weirdness /// Pear Love

I just loooooooooooooooooove pears! And I believe it's a mutual feeling!
Have a lovely Friday everyone!

17 May 2012


Adidas stripes forever!

15 May 2012


And here it goes my obsession of the lovely hairdos!!! 


14 May 2012


Super short jeans shorts for a guy - Brilliant!

10 May 2012

Perfect hair

Do you ever feel like a chicken has just walked over your head? 
I do! No matter how hard I try to make them straight and nice there is always a fuzz on top of my head trying to go out and stare at the world!

And still, here I am... dreaming about the afro haircut... that would never work out with my hair!

7 May 2012

Cupcake (or babycake)

I've been in vintage clothes market this weekend...and what I liked the most is this cupcake!!!

Couldn't even make a decent photo before having a bite!

5 May 2012


I really like his black jacket!

2 May 2012

Nice stuff

I feel such a hypocrite when it comes to cosmetics... I really want to support natural cosmetics! However when it comes to buying I just can not resist beautiful packages and good designs!

Dwarf + High heel

I have no idea what it's suppose to mean, but I see this image on every corner in Brussels!

Any thoughts?