30 Apr 2012

Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

I must admit I'm not the biggest lover of flowers and plants, but I've really enjoyed visiting the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken, located on the territory of the Royal family (Brussels). While being there I couldn't stop thinking "is it the place where Royal family usually drinks their tea?". I bet it is! Too bad simple mortals can enjoy it only once a year!

26 Apr 2012

Vintage fair Brussels. Part 3

If you've already got bored of the vintage fair photos, I have good news for you! These two are the last pieces! 

See you soon!

25 Apr 2012

Vintage Fair Brussels. Part 2

As promised before - more beauties from the vintage fair!!! I must admit I wanted to take them all home!

24 Apr 2012

My future chair...

One beautiful day when I will have my own down to earth but really spacious, two-floor apartment in the old town (any nice city), I will buy a chair like that!

A little bit about all this...I have recently moved to Brussels...and here we go I have decided to start a blog! It's going to be about everything and nothing...and I hope you are going to enjoy it, especially the part about everything! Big thanks for the supporters and a big kiss to V!

P.S. Photo taken at a vintage fair in Brussels - who knew that Brussels is so vintageous? More photos from the fair coming right up!