27 Jun 2012

In the mood for MJ

I looooooove street dancers, especially when they dance like Michael Jackson. 

One of them. 


20 Jun 2012

City ducks

Place Sainte-Catherine, Brussels

15 Jun 2012

In the window

Have your camera always with you!

13 Jun 2012

from Brussels to Paris

I've been missing Paris lately...

(I took this picture on my last trip to Paris)

It's really cheap to go to Paris from Brussels (50 euros by train back and forth, if you  buy a ticket in advance).
Recentely I've found even a cheaper way - Megabus ~25 euros both ways! Check it on their website.

Bon voyage!

7 Jun 2012

Dinant is Grand

Lovely Dinant!

If you are spending more then few days in Belgium, I would really advise you to visit Dinant!

4 Jun 2012

Le Framboisier Doré

Searching for some home made ice cream in Brussels?

I can not say if Le Framboisier Doré has the best ice cream, but it definitely has the best look! It is charming and a bit creepy at the same time..

Too sad it was really cold and rainy yesterday and eating  ice cream would have meant catching the cold...but I promise that the next sunny day I will make a trip and try it. I bet they are good!

For ones who will search for it  - the address is: Rue du Bailli 35, Bruxelles.

And I know I probably overworked with the photos....but it was asking for kind of old school touch!

Bon appetit!

3 Jun 2012

Jazzy people

I met this charming lady during the the Jazz Marathon in Brussels. I just love her old fashioned glasses! And the whole look is great!

While it is really weird for me to stop people in the streets and ask them to pose...it is a really nice surprise to see, how some people are open to be photographed and accept the offer with a great smile!

Have a nice Sunday everyone!