10 May 2012

Perfect hair

Do you ever feel like a chicken has just walked over your head? 
I do! No matter how hard I try to make them straight and nice there is always a fuzz on top of my head trying to go out and stare at the world!

And still, here I am... dreaming about the afro haircut... that would never work out with my hair!


  1. Well to be honest, I probably do not share your fascination for Afro haircuts, but I do like a lot your illustrations. Very nice colors and interesting composition!

  2. Actually, I didn't even realize that these were made by you! You have obviously chosen a wrong programme to study I think.
    Regarding the hair.. I suppose it is common for the majority of women. I, for instance, am slightly crazy (well, just a little bit) about curls and yet it's not what I have really.

    1. It's never too late to change the program of studies!

      curls curls curls - are what the straight hair girls want and vice versa!

      And thank you!