16 Nov 2012

What to wear crisis in Brussels

In continuation of what I have posted for the 'Fans of Flanders'...Here I talk about my other blog Street Tailors.

Since I am a street style blogger it is a part of my daily routine to observe how people dress. Even if I don’t have a camera with me (which I usually do) I just can’t stop looking. I must say I get some reactions because of that, but who would like to be gazed at from head to toe? However this is not what I actually wanted to talk about.

While I’m writing this post the sun is shining brightly and it is 15 C degrees outside (pretty good weather for Belgium?!). At this point if you would have a ‘what to wear?’ crisis and look at people through the window, you could never decide what to wear.  I mean this is what I used to do all my life – I would just look through the window and decide what to wear, because people dress accordingly to the weather (at least in my country). Yeah right, in Belgium it would never work!

Today I see people wearing sweaters, t-shirts, fur coats, boots, shorts, sandals, leather jackets….and the list is endless! How could I ever dress accordingly to the weather?

So you just have to take a risk. Whatever you decide to wear it is not going to work, or will work for 5 minutes and after an hour maybe for another five minutes. This is what you have to deal with when you are living in Belgium. Constant change of weather, constant headache of what to wear!

From another point of view you get the absolute freedom to choose from all over your wardrobe!

P.S. Don’t forget to take an umbrella with you!

29 Oct 2012

To Tame The City

Doesn’t matter to which city you move, doesn’t matter if it’s abroad or in your country, it takes time to feel like at home.

In the beginning you have no idea which bus to take to get to the center, where to get your morning coffee, in which park to read your book or from which rooftop you can see the best city view. I must tell it is a bit confusing but most of the time so exciting!

Little by little you get to know the streets, the neighborhood, the people…  You get to know the selling lady in your local boulangerie, the best vegetable market, the best coffee places, the best bars to hang out with your new friends…Little by little you learn how to avoid traffic jams and little presents of the dogs left on the pavement. It starts to be your home with all the pluses and minuses and yet it is like never ending discovery. And that is what I love the most about living in a new city…when you start having this cozy feeling and yet still you learn something new every day. You still get lost in the little streets of the city however the journey becomes much easier!

I love living in my new cityBrussels. I have not tamed it yet, however I hope I will never do…it is so much more exciting this way!

Originally posted on Fans of Flanders

22 Oct 2012

Are you a fan?

Are you?

First of all I wanted to say SORRY!  I have not been around for a while... But I'm back! And I'm ready to annoy you again!

So what the 'face' is 'Fans of Flanders'? It's a new TV program made for the expats in Belgium (like me and you probably)!!!

And I kind of write for their website from time to time.... you can check the website here!

I know I've been a bad girl and haven't shared it with you, but stay tuned and I will let you know what I have wrote already and what will be coming later.


Kisses to you all!

15 Sep 2012

Brussels Design Market

So last weekend was the weekend for vintage!

Brussels Design Market! I must say I was a little disappointed...because I loved so much the market that happened back in April. But I think the main problem was that simple mortals were allowed to come only on the second day of the fair - that means the most interesting stuff was already bought.

Anyway less whining more talking - there are plenty of design events this month in Brussels. From now on September means not only 'Back to School', but also 'Back to Design'. Check out the schedule on Design September website.


6 Sep 2012

Paris 6 AM

Haven't decided what to do next weekend?

I can tell you! Grab the Megabus (which is super cheap) and go to Paris! It is so ultra amazing to take the bus at 2 o'clock at night and be in Paris before 6 AM....when the city is getting up, when the first cars start running, when the party people are coming back home! If not by this chance, you would never get up that early to see all this beauty!

To see the sun rising over the city and especially the Eiffel tower is something truly amazing!

The weekend starts tomorrow, you still have time! :)

27 Aug 2012

Table For Two

What I love about living in Brussels is the unexpected!

Every single day you can take the same road and find something different on the way. Like the other day I was passing through the Mont des Arts and I noticed a table set up for two with candles and champagne glasses...I guess it was a pleasant surprise for somebody! Soooooo romantic!

7 Aug 2012

Brussels Vintage Market

For those who like Vintage markets or those who have always secretely wanted to visit one I would strongly recommend Brussels Vintage Market! It's organised every first Sunday of the month in a different location. So make sure to check their schedule.

For more information go ahead and check their website!

I can't wait for the next one!